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2. Golu runs away

Then suddenly, Golu's mobile rang:

Lady: "Want a loan, Goluji?"

Golu: "Goluji? By the way how do you know me? Who are you?"

Lady: "I am miss Melisa from ICQIC bank's force-loan department. I am here to give you loan! "

Golu: "I don't need any loan!"

Lady: "Why no? Regardless of your interest in taking loan, we are giving you loan with 20% interest!"

Golu: "No...."

Lady: "Yesss! By the way, How was the movie?"

Golu (surprised): "Movie? ... Which movie?" 

Lady: "Khajni..."

Golu: "H H How do you know that?"

Lady: "That's the marketing technique, sssir! I am coming to your home to give you cheque. Be ready with your documents...."

Golu: "Hey listen! How do u know my address?"

Lady: "Don't ask that. I know your school, college, friends, girlfriends, bank accounts, age, weight, hight, all others sizes also, understood? Here I am coming...."

Line went dead....!!

Golu cried, "No..Save me!..."

Golu quickly finished his meal, switched off the TV and mobile.

To avoid the loan woman, he fled off and reached to Himalayas where he found thousands of wholesale ice cream shops also selling hot cakes..

There were many sages who were selling different medicines, self-help books and they were shouting:

"Buy good thoughts in wholesale rate! Subscribe to SMS service of life-wisdom only for 500 rupees a month. In the UK 5 pounds/month , in the US 10 dollars. Hurry up. Offer for limited period!"

"Come to us unhappy. Leave happy! Join our happiness course. One month course. Only 5000 Rs. Happiness Guaranteed. We will solve your problems. We will give you solutions. "

To Golu's surprise, at the other end there was crowd which included school children, actors, businessmen, employers, employees, housewives... all came desperately to find happiness. Probably they wanted freedom from the advertisements? But, here they could find nothing but the advertisements guaranteeing them happiness...!

A helicopter landed there. The loan woman from ICQIC bank came out of the helicopter...

"Hey, Goluji. We caught you. Now you can't escape our loan. You have to take loan from us. Even though you switched off your mobile, we have tracked you through our special satellite bank tracking system."

Golu jumped off Himalayas to escape her!!

While he was yet falling down and trying to find a cavern to land, two para-gliders came to him flying and catched him easily. 

One para-glider said, "Hey! We can not let you die. You owe us home loan. Your lots of EMIs are due!"

Another para-glider said, "Hey! I am from an insurance company. Life ke saath bhi, Life ke baad bhi. If you want, you can jump happily. I will be there with you after your death also!... to collect premium..."

Golu said, "I am not dying. I was just trying to escape the force-loan woman."

Golu punched both para-gliders away in the deep valley and clinged to a cliff like Krrish...!!

(You can't) Escape!

Nimish Navneet Sonar
1. Golu is irritated by ads 2. Golu runs away