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The Mystery of the Sea (English)

Bram Stoker
"To win the mystery o' the sea, "An' learn the secrets that there be, "Gather in ane these weirds three: "A gowden moon on a flowin' tide; "An' Lammas floods for the spell to bide; "An' a gowden mon wi death for his bride."


Chapter I. Second Sight

Chapter II. Gormala

Chapter III. An Ancient Rune

Chapter IV. Lammas Floods

Chapter V. The Mystery of the Sea

Chapter VI. The Ministers of the Doom

Chapter VII. From Other Ages and the Ends of the Earth

Chapter VIII. A Run on the Beach

Chapter IX. Confidences and Secret Writing

Chapter X. A Clear Horizon

Chapter XI. In the Twilight

Chapter XII. The Cipher

Chapter XIII. A Ride Through the Mountains

Chapter XIV. A Secret Shared

Chapter XV. A Peculiar Dinner Party

Chapter XVI. Revelations

Chapter XVII. Sam Adam's Task

Chapter XVIII. Fireworks and Joan of Arc

Chapter XIX. On Changing One's Name

Chapter XX. Comradeship

Chapter XXI. The Old Far West and the New

Chapter XXII. Crom Castle

Chapter XXIII. Secret Service

Chapter XXIV. A Subtle Plan

Chapter XXV. Inductive Ratiocination

Chapter XXVI. A Whole Wedding Day

Chapter XXVII. Entrance to the Cavern

Chapter XXVIII. Voices in the Dark

Chapter XXIX. The Monument

Chapter XXX. The Secret Passage

Chapter XXXI. Marjory's Adventure

Chapter XXXII. The Lost Script

Chapter XXXIII. Don Bernadino

Chapter XXXIV. The Accolade

Chapter XXXV. The Pope's Treasure

Chapter XXXVI. The Rising Tide

Chapter XXXVII. Round the Clock

Chapter XXXVIII. The Duty of a Wife

Chapter XXXIX. An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter XL. The Redemption of a Trust

Chapter XLI. Treasure Trove

Chapter XLII. A Struggle

Chapter XLIII. The Honour of a Spaniard

Chapter XLIV. The Voice in the Dust

Chapter XLV. Danger

Chapter XLVI. Ardiffery Manse

Chapter XLVII. The Dumb can Speak

Chapter XLVIII. Dunbuy Haven

Chapter XLIX. Gormala's Last Help

Chapter L. The Eyes of the Dead

Chapter LI. In the Sea Fog

Chapter LII. The Scares

Chapter LIII. From the Deep

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Documents Found into the Kist