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Chapter 3

I must have awoken first after a satisfying sex. It must have been 7pm or so. I was very ashamed when I woke up as I was fully naked. It was weird. I quickly rushed to find my clothes which were basically everywhere and the suite case was not even open. I thought I will just wear my panty and t shirt as I browse some channels on the television. 

I was able to find my top but my panty was no where to be found. It was a black colored thong which Sakrant had ripped off my body and if my sex crazed mind remembers it, it was thrown somewhere on the right side of the bed. 

I search everywhere but it was nowhere to be found. I was little scared and then I realized there is a good chance Sakrant woke up before me, and as a joke might have hidden it someplace. But as I stumbled around looking for it he woke up. 

"Honey, what are you searching ? " he asked staring at by bar naked buttocks. 

"What the F Sakrant. Did you hide my panties ? " I asked. 

"What ?" His puzzled look was cute and every clear. 

"Shit. Where did it go ?" my panic made him uncomfortable so he too started searching for them around. 

But no. it was nowhere, Absolutley no where to be found. We looked under the bed, on the bed, in bathroom, in our unopened bags and on ceiling fan. But it was missing. 

"Fucks sake ya.. how can this happen?" I asked. 

"Was the door 100% closed?" he asked and we looked at the door. The door was closed. It had a proper mechanical bolt from inside which means no one could have entered in even if they had a key. The windows where pretty sturdy and had grills so no one could have come from there. The wall were very thick and made up of stone. 

"Fuck. I think we should get the hell out of this place Sakrant" I said to him. 

"Okay. Fine. Let me see." He got up as I dressed up back. 

He went to the door and opened it but it wouldnt. The main door was shut. shut like a brick. It would not open. 

We were now in full panic mode.