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Chapter 5

I woke up. When I woke up, it took me some time to realize where I was. What had happened. All the panic as well as sexual thrill had made my mody ache and my mind numb but perhaps the drug too had an effect on it. So when I woke up it probably took me several minutes to fully understand the situation I was in.

I was tied up to the bed, in ways I would absolutley hate to describe. Sakrant was tied up to the chair and pretty strongly. 

Right in front of me was another chair and there sat another man. The assailant. I was scared, I tried to shout but words did not come out of my mouth. 

"Shouting will not help you" the person in chair said as he got up. He was lot shorter than most people. But stirdy and his voice had a sort of weight in it. 

"What are you going to do with us"? I asked him scared. I was helpless here and I would have done anything to get here out of this place safely and without him touching me. 

"That depends completley. Entirely on you". Said he. 

"How did you enter the room and what have you done to Sakrant ?" I asked him. I wanted to know how he came in as the door was bolted from inside. He came near me and sat next to me.  I tried to shake out of my bonds but I could not. 

"Ah! you are the first one to ask that question in last so man years". he chuckled.

You see. I never came in. I was always in. I was here when you were bathing in that bathroom. I was here when you guys were having sex on this very bad. He talked and seemed creepy. I would have prefered an instant death than his hand over me which was currently on my thigh.

"Where?" I asked. 

"In the walls" he said. 

No it made all sense. The walls of this room were very very thick. From outside they appeared like they were made of stone.   But the could have easily concealed a large person inside them. 

"Look, I will give you money. Lot more than you can imagine. I will not tell anyone anything. Just let both of us go here and you will never ever hear anything from us" I tried to bargain. 

"Bargaining often gets people actually killed. I am not stupid to believe that both of you will actually walk out of this place queitly. You are going to make a noise." 

"But then you do not have to die either. Both of you can survive. You can walk out of this room without dying. " he said. 

I knew what is the price of this act. It is what every pervert creepy man wants. A woman's honor. I would rather die than willingly surrender myself. He would probably kill me anyways. 

"No. It is not what you think." He said calmly. "Yes, I am addicted to sex. Like any other man. On this very bad I have had sex with countless newlyweds and then killed them or let them go. But that is not what I want from you." 

I was puzzled. His eyes were full of lust and his hand was still on my bare thigh. 

Look very carefully in this room. Nothing has moved. This husband of yours is tied up to the chair because I have given him a much stronger dose of the chemical that put you to sleep. He is not going to wake up for next 6 hours or so. I am going you a choice here. You both can very safely go out of here and never have to even remember what happened if you do exactly as I say and it does not involve you having sex with me. Of course if you want to I can. It would be fun.

My stomach churned at mere thought. 

"What is that you want?" I asked him. 

"If you do as I say, I will move you and your husband to a room that is next to this. It is exactly the same. When your husband wakes up you are going to tell him whatever he thought happened was a bad dream. Tell him when people have crazy sex like rabbits which you did here, people sometimes suffer from amnesia. That is what is happening to him. You will convince him that your stay here is 100% normal. What you saw today was his hallucination."

He then put his hands inside his pocket and took out my panty which was missing. He then placed it right next to me. You are going to wear this and sleep next to him. 

"What if he wants to check the shutters outside this room ? " I asked. 

"Do not worry. The shutters are not real. It is just a facade that can be easily removed and hidden away. Most couples like you faint when they see the grills."

"But why do you want me to do this ? Why go to such great lengths to deceive my husband?" I asked. The demand made no sense. 

"Oh no. That is NOT my demand. This is just to make sure your husband does not sqeal. I thought among two of you, you are the smarter one who can cut a deal with me" He was not explaining what he wanted. 

"There are two other things you need to give me. Firstly, I want you to write this story down. When you reserved the hotel I got your name and I learned that you are a blogger. I want you to write this story down on internet so people know what I do and how successful I am. I want them to feel the same fear and helplessness that you are feeling now." His hand moved up my thigh and to my waist. I churned in my stomach and begged him to stop. 

"Second, a favor for fure. I will come for you again sometime in future. One day, and ask another favor from you. I assure you it will not involve anything serious, not crime not sex. Something simple. But you will give it to me without questining."

"All this for a blog ? You could have done this yourself." I said. 

"But you are a better writer. There is a darkness in your heart which I have sensed. I want that darkness to come up. Write it as a story. May be fiction but on YOUR own blog. When your husband reads it tell him you used his dream to come up with a story. He will feel good."

"I like the darkness in people." he continued. "When you agree to my terms, you agree to deceive your own husband whom you have promised to love rest of your life. You will continue your relationship with him and if you continue to fuck him like you just did you will also have children with him pretty soon and everytime you look at his face, you will remember the deception." 

"What if I tell him the truth after we get out of this hotel?" "What then?" I asked. In my heart I knew the answer. He perhaps had videotaped our sex and would put it on internet. 

"Well.. that is the best part. You surely may if you want to. In fact I really want to know if you will. The deal here is simple. I am not an ordinary man. I can kill both of you anytime you are on this property. You have seven days of honeymoon in this hotel. I want you to complete all those 7 days. If I suspect deceit both of you die. You will give solace to your husband who will wakeup with a pretty bad dream. You will convince him to stay here and complete this honeymoon. You will have sex here and you will tell him how much you love him. He will forget everything in a day". 

"When you walk out of this property you can tell him the truth if you want. I bet you wont. But if you really want to I can do nothing about it. " he said. 

I was deeply puzzled. No mention of blackmail really ? 

He undid the knots of my bonds. I was free. 

"Tell me what your decision is." he said.

"I take your deal" I responded. 

Over next few hours he moved us into another room. He put Sakrant on the bed next to me. It was as if time had moved back. He gave me his laptop as I typed this story out. 

What would be my course of action ? I will perhaps write about it. 

Note: This is a fictional story. There is absolutely no relationship with any real events or person. Please leave a comment if you wish to read more from me.