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Chapter 4

We quickly rushed to the windows and removed the curtains but then we realized that the windows outside had shutters which automatically came down. Then we ran to the bathroom where the small ventilator too was closed from outside. Without the the electricity even light would not have come inside now. 

"Sakrant we need to get out this place" I started crying profusely and Sakrant was not scared too and sweating. 

"Wait, Calm down calm down." He tried to take some deep breaths. "Does phone work?" he looked at his phone which had no range, we rushed to the landline but it was dead too. 

What about the ceiling ? We pulled the table near the bed place a chair on it and he climbed on top to check if the ceiling was indeed a ceiling or a false ceiling. It was hard concrete. 

Sakrant broke one of the chair and then picked its leg as a weapon. He gave me another. "You see someone, try to kill it. Do not worry". he said. 

But if every entrance is going to be closed how the fuck will anyone come in ? I asked him. 

It does not matter. If he comes it that will be how we will get out. 

This is that bastards doing. I said to him.

"I am going to fucking kill him and pretty badly". Sakrant said. 

I was shievering with fear. How are we going to get out ? That was the only question in my mind. I remembered my parents as I faced what could be my death. 

"AC vent" ? I asked him. "Shit." Where is it ? I asked him. We looked around and could not see any opening for the air condition. 

"Oh wait" here it is. The AC vent was not on roof but was on the floor. Near the bed. But it was too small for anything to come out of it. 

And then hit me. it actually hit me. A cold, a super cold blow of air from the vent that I was bent over. We did not fall asleep because of the crazy sex, we were drugged. The air from the vents. As my eyes went dark and I lost my senses I wondered  why and how anyone would come in if the door is locked from inside.