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Movie Review- Ki & Ka

Ki & Ka from my perspective-

On Sunday 2nd Oct, I watched "Ki & Ka" on colors TV in the afternnon. It is indeed a very good movie. It definitely has the R. Balki touch. I also have seen his "Cheeni Kum" few years back. Amitabh and some below the waist references (between Kabir and his father) are the two things common in both movies.

In the very first half an hour of "Ki & Ka", it quickly gives you good idea about what's the movie about and story moves fast!

Ka (Kabir, portrayed by Arjun kapoor and acted very well) willingly wants to play a house-husband role in real life like his expired mother did a house-wife role for his family. He coincidentally meets Ki (Kia played very well by kareena - no other actress could have played it better than Kareena!) who is opposite to his nature. She is a alpha woman and very much careerist and ambitious. The two become a perfect match.

The further sequences of informing about their "unusual" marriage plan to Kia's mother and Kabir's father are hilariously picturised and show the obvious reactions that could possibly come from any Indian parents.

Their life starts and what we see on screen further is literally a vice-versa version of a Bahu making breakfast and lunch and dinner for husband and mother in law. Here Ka does the same regularly for Ki and her mother.

Then there are some good twists and turns (worth watching on screen instead of mentioning here) and the story makes us believe that no matter even if a man becomes the house-husband, the one (a woman in this movie) who daily goes out and earns will always try to dominate the one who's staying in house. The earning one will definitely feel jealous if the non earning one gets public attention or focus or praise.

The railway locomotive's presence everywhere in house makes the movie look very different. And last but not the least, the intimate scenes between Kareena and Arjun are picturized in such a way that they look essential part of the story and look real and natural and goes with the flow of the story. Especially you remember the scene of Kareena disregarding Arjun's "headache". Will not say more on this ;-) but you remember the scene and give a smile due to "reversal" of roles.

Arjun gave a very good performance. Kareena excels in performance especially in emotional scenes. The movie is definitely a one time watch.

(Share your opinions also on the movie)

- Written by Nimish Sonar