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Movie Review- Bajirao Mastani ( * * * * )

(This review written by me is a film review and not history review. I don't know the percentage of historical correctness of the story. I am not right person to comment on history. Neither me nor many viewers may know 100% correct history! So please read this article as a film review only! )


Finally the much awaited and much hyped Bajirao Mastani arrived on big screens. Bhansali’s dream came true! And also the dream of many cinema lovers like me came true who were waiting to see such great historical character living his life on big screen! First of all I say thanks to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for making the movie on Bajirao Peshwa First. This movie is based on the Marathi novel "Rau" (pronounced as Rawoo) written by N. S. Inamdar. Bajirao's family name was Rau. However throughout the movie when the characters call him Rau, it sounds like Rao. Also except for couple of times, no one calls the city as Pune but call as Poona which disappoints me very much. However, Priyanka’s Marathi pronunciation is excellent. Bajirao also sometimes use Marathi words like “Kay Mhanta?”, “Mohor lava”, “Chalaa” etc.
Especially, I liked the delivery of the below dialogue by Ranveer very much:
"Ae Murkha, lagaam dikhti nahi par jabaan ko honi chahiye, samajla? Chala, sataryala!" (Hey idiot, bridoon of a tongue isn't visible but it should exist! Got it? Now let's go to Satara!) 

About the movie experience:

Right from the beginning when Bajirao is selected as Peshwa in Satara Darbar by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, the film captures your attention. The story narration is impressive. The speech of Bajirao to his fellow soldiers is delivered by Ranveer with great zeal and creates an impact on our mind. During the initial credits, the symbolic graphics showing Bajirao's extension of empire through battles are excellent and create the right atmosphere which is needed for a historic movie. The VFX created imaginative fantasy-sky is cloudy, stormy and dark which keeps on appearing throughout the movie along with rains. It gives the film a mysterious look. The story is told in linear way and hence became effective. Bhansali tried to cover all mutual relationships in very short time span which is appreciable. Be it between Bajirao and Mastani/Chimaji Appa/Kashibai; Radhabai-Kashibai, kashibai-Nanasaheb or between Mastani-Kashibai and so on. Costumes and the sets in the film are marvelous. The mirror palace is a great visual treat! The cinematography is excellent. The last scene of the movie may not have happened in reality but it is well imagined and executed and creates great impact.  Battle scenes are excellent but are for short period of time. Bhansali has not given more focus on battle. Do not expect Bahubali-like wars. It is not a war movie!

Casting and acting: 

Milind Soman seems lost and don’t have much scope. Krishnaji Bhat makes an impact. Priyanka Chopra and Tanvi Azmi has done a great acting. Ranveer also did a good job. But sometimes he seems to be over enthusiastic like he behaved in Ram leela and Band Baja Barat.

About the dialogues:

The dialogue timing and delivery is best.  Some dialogues are funny and create right impact. For example, the conversation between Deccan Nizam and Bajirao. Also, the dialogues delivered by Deepika regarding colors and religion, Durga and Dargah are well written.  In the end despite winning all the 40 battles he fought in his life, Bajirao gets defeated by the family politics of his own people. So, on the battlefield he says, “Lets attack on Pune now to release Mastani from Prison!” I think this is the best ever dialogue which depicts the condition of Bajirao’s mind at that time..

The Music:

Needless to say that all the songs are visually and audibly stunning. I liked all the songs and especially those with added flavours of Marathi lyrics. We have a very few hindi film songs albums which you would like to listen again and again. Once of such album is Bajirao- Mastani !

Final words:

It’s definitely a watchable movie whether you like history or not! Because it tells a love story crossing the lines of religions. Also it is watchable for history lovers. Watch it for its visual treats. People may say the length of movie is longer but I would say such a biographical movies should not have limit of time. It should have been even more lengthier. Because such films are not made again and again!

My Ratings:

I give 4 star rating to the movie.