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Drive your own chariot of life, thoughtfully!

I will start this article with two questions we face throughout the life and how those questions are related to our thought process. Further we will see how can we drive the chariot of life filled with more and more positive thoughts towards success.

So those two questions are -

What people will think? (if I do this!)
What people will say? (if I do that!)

Let us take first question: “What people will think?”

Remember! Where there is mind, there are thoughts! Hundred minds, million thoughts!!

If WE take the responsibility of thinking about what others think about us, then there will be nothing left for those people to think. And in this process, we will miss what WE want to think! Right? 

So, in this way we will become slaves of “thought process” of other people. Because we will think only the way what other people think. And that’s what those “other people” want! They want you to behave and do as they want!!

Let people think in their own way.
You have freedom to think in your own way.
Why bother about other people’s “thinking”?
You don’t have full control even on your own thoughts, how can you control others' thoughts? You cannot! So forget what others think!!

Same applies to second question: “What people will say?”

If whatever you are doing is with honesty and right intention, then there is no need to bother about what others say and think!

You need to bother it only when you know that there is slight trigger of inspiration and truth in people’s say.  However, if people are trying to hinder your progress by making false statements about you, then don’t bother them at all. They will later fall flat on their nose because they will eat bitter fruits of their Karma later on. Remember! Speaking also creates a karma!!

Many times we can’t keep control on what we speak then how can we control what others say?

It’s difficult to control thoughts but it’s relatively easy to control what we speak! How? I will tell you. If we think twice before we speak, then we can control what we speak. We can choose proper words. No one will listen what are you thinking, but once you speak, the impact is made! And it’s irreversible! A karma is created!!!
Speaking leads to conversation and communication which is very important in today’s world. Conversation is dependent on thoughts.
Thoughts have a process always. Control the process of your thoughts and give proper direction to this process. Then see how your conversation and communication becomes effective!

If we have a definite direction of our thought process, then a definite attitude is formed and shaped! But we should also have flexibility to alter our attitude because thought process is governed by our beliefs also. And sometimes beliefs may prove wrong. Hence have some flexibility to change attitude. Otherwise it will lead to dogmatism, obstinacy and stubbornness which is disliked everywhere.

Conversations have two types: Conversation with self and others! Both should be healthy, effective and positive.

And when our conversation is properly articulated and formulated, we will not have fear of the so called “people”, their thinking and saying because at that time, we will know what others will think about us and say about us. Because good conversation will leave good impact on others.

So, since childhood we should instil in children how to give the proper direction to their thought process. Do it in a way they will understand. That is a skill. Do it! The sooner, the better!

Whatever we learn, think, read, watch, observe, hear around us in childhood decides our direction of thought process and subsequent attitude. In later stage of life it’s hard to alter the thought process and direction and attitude. Hard but not impossible!

Finally, we will take an analogy of chariot of your life!

You should drive the chariot of your life filled with thoughts on your own. Don’t give it to someone else to drive! 

Fill the chariot with 90% of positive thoughts. Try to avoid negative thoughts!
But complete elimination of negative thoughts is not feasible and also not recommended. 10% negative thoughts are needed to keep your chariot grounded. 

Negative thoughts are governed by the feelings such as – envy, revenge, comparison, competition, sadness, loss, defeat, anger, resentment, greed, enmity etc. So, try to minimize these feelings to minimize the negative thoughts. 

On the contrary, positive thoughts are governed by – hope, faith, confidence, gratitude, compassion, friendship, honesty, forgiveness, calmness etc. Try to foster these feelings to bring in more and more positive thoughts!!

Negative thoughts will pull the chariot of your life backwards and positive thoughts will push it forwards!

Ultimate aim and destination of the chariot is a successful life with less regrets!!

With 100% negative thoughts filled in your chariot, even the horses will fail to go ahead.. 

Take the chariot to a proper direction, choose proper person and time for conversation. Then send the arrow of properly chosen words for healthy, fruitful and effective communication.  Don’t let your arrow of conversation scatter here and there. Imagine what will happen if say all three horses carrying the chariots want to go in three different directions? The chariot will collapse! And you will also fall down!! 

Finally keep driving the chariot towards the destination of happiness and success through the road of hopes!!

So friends, if you have liked this article, please share it with other people also. This is written by me with a careful thought process. If this article helps to instil even one positive thought and delete 2 negative thoughts in your mind, the purpose of this article is a success. 

And yes, I am eagerly waiting for your comments!!