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Krishna Avata Ends on Sony's Karn Serial

Shrikrishna while his Avatar was about to end, said to Arjun,"If someone's pre-planned and pre-defined Karma (deeds) are completed in this world and still he continues to stay on earth, then it creates unbalance in the nature. Everyone comes in this world (earth) for a specific task and after completing it, one has to go! Similarly, mine work for instilling religiousness (Dharma Sthapana) in this world has now been completed. So, I need to go now!"
Courtesy: Sony TV serial - Suryaputra Karn - 5Aug2016
{ Background: In Ram Avatar, Vishnu (as Ram) killed Bali during his battle with Sugriv.
As a result, in Krishna Avatar, reincarnated bali, unintentionally killed Krishna (Vishnu again) by sending an arrow on his foot. Why only foot? Well it's yet another story related to Bhim's grandson Barbarik who later becomes Khatushyam}