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Movie Review: The Jungle Book

I watched "The Jungle Book" in Hindi yesterday (10th April, Sunday). It took me to my childhood days when there was a Doordarshan serial running on this story. However, i didn't remember the tv series' complete story now but i still could remember the characters and could relate them with this new Hollywood flick. The movie is based on a novel. This novel of the same name is written by a British Author "Rudyard Kipling" in 1884 who was permanent resident of India.I have now decided to read the original novel also.

Story of the movie: Sher Khan detests humans because humans destroy jungles with their Rakhtphool (fire flowers). Rakhtphool is referred by animals to the Mashaal (flambeau) of humans. Sher Khan kills Mowgli's father but his face is burnt. Baghira and wolves nurture mowgli who feels himself as wolf with a difference. Sher khan threatens the wolves to handover Mowgli to him but Baghira takes him away at another place. The Ka snake tries to eat him...

Caution: The snake "literally" comes near to your chair in cinema hall. :-)
Mowgli also meets humorous and lazy Ballu- the beer. They become friends. Later Baghira comes back. At one point in story, Mowgli is kidnapped by hundreds of monkeys and brought before the Monkeys' king in a temple.The mess happens afterwards can't be explained in words but it only should be experienced in 3D. Later the story takes serious turn and the villain strikes back. I will not tell the full story. You must experience it by yourself.

My opinion/review: The feeling you get after watching the movie is that it's too short. Your mind and 3D eyes want more and more. At least 3 hours!
The comedy punches are good. The dubbing voices of Indian actors add a great nostalgic feeling. Om Puri, Irrfan's dialogues make you laugh. Nana Patekar's voice of Sher khan succeeds in scaring you. VFX are supremely excellent and flawless. Mowgli so perfectly fits in the VFX jungle and animals that we can not seperate it out. The jungle and animals are "too" realistic. There is not even slightest sprinkle of caricaturisation of any character. Neel Sethi as Mowgli has done good acting. And yes there are many scenes which should be experienced only in 3D. And there are many scenes in night and some of those are scary too...boooo!!!

Overall this is a great movie experience.Watch it with your children. I give it 4 stars.