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Walk your way cautiously through hypocrites!

  • The world pressurise those more, who easily get pressurised. 
  • The world give tensions to those, who take more tensions. 
  • The world expect more and more from those, who keep on meeting other's expectations without complaining.
  • The world doesn't listen and allow those to speak, who never tried to speak their mind.
  • The world does more injustice to those, who tolerate injustice.
  • The world never bother to think about those, who all the time think of others.
  • The one who never express its worries to others, get advise to express his worries so that his mind will become fresh.
  • The one who express its worries to others, get advise not to express his worries as the world never buys grief of others.
  • The one who criticises others of something, later is seen doing the same thing.

=>The world is hypocrite and bi-mouthed.

=>Put your every foot forward with utmost care.

=>You will face deception and danger at every corner.

There is no label written on forehead of any person that, "this person is dangerous!". 

We have to recognise it!!
If we cant recognise, we get deceived and we loose lot of our lifetime to come out of it while the deceptive person gets away happily with it. His purpose gets fulfilled and we get devastated. 

What say?