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Small Skits

Blind Skit:

A blind man asks a deaf - "Where are you going in so much hurry?"
The deaf answers - "Can't you see, I am going to market?"
A dumb man who was listening to this conversation said to the deaf, "I couldn't hear what you both said. Please write it on paper for me"


Helpless Demon: 

George found a bottle. On rubbing it, a demon came out.
Demon: "Your wish is my command. Nothing is impossible for me"
George: "Really? you can do anything?"
Demon: "Yes, anything!"
George: "Fully confident?"
Demon: "Yes. Full confidence!"
George: "Then please create such a stone which even you can't lift!"
Demon created a stone in a moment.
George: "Now please lift it!"
Demon resigned immediately and spent rest of his life in meditation.


Twist and turns: 

An internationally famous doctor (psychiatrist) once had a big fight with his writer girlfriend and hence both parted their ways permanently. The writer went into depression for some days. Later she wrote powerful book on the ways to come out of depression. The book became international best-seller and people miraculously overcome depression by reading the book and following instructions in it. The psychiatrist's business stopped permanently and he went into deep depression. What next? Complete the story by yourself. 



I was talking a walk in night post dinner with wife and Son. My teenage son seeing a nearby grocery shop demanded a chocolate. With a promise from him to brush his teeth before sleep, I agreed to buy him one. 

The shop owner was about to shut the shop, when we arrived. The owner's shop and home were connected to each other. In a hurry, he handed over a chocolate to my son, we paid and started to leave. Meanwhile, shop owner's child came there to call him home, "Papa! Come home! Mumma is calling!"

Suddenly my son noticed that expiry date of the chocolate was passed. We returned immediately to the shop and asked to replace the piece. He hesitated.

I said, " Even if I agree that in hurry you may have given us expired chocolate, but why in first place you keep it in shop?" 

Shop owner denied and started showing his wisdom and said, "Sir, eat it. Nothing happens! The expiry date is written purposely earlier the actual expiry. This chocolate will be eat-worthy for next 4 months at least even after expiry. Don't worry!"

I said, "OK. Thanks for your valuable information!"

I looked at the child of shop owner and said, "So, boy! Do you like chocolates?"

The boy said, "Yes"

I offered the chocolate to him, "Take this from me as a gift!" 

Before he could eat it, owner stopped him....

And finally my son got a new fresh chocolate.