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(1) Parenthood is something when you come out of hospital after your baby's vaccinations and baby cries out of pain loudly and you feel strong urge to search on google and find out and meet the scientists who invented the injections and ... (Complete the sentence by yourself! )

(2) Parenthood is something when you continue and like listening to nursery rhymes even after baby goes to sleep. Parenthood is something when you start humming nursery rhymes instead of your favourite song any time in a day when you think of your baby..

(3) With my son on his insistence, I watch and enjoy sometimes many shows on cartoon channels. I get surprised to see genuine comedy punches and dialogues in those programs which make me laugh from heart. Even some of the so called comedy shows on other TV channels fail to make audiences laugh in my opinion. Some dubbed hindi shows on cartoon channels, use voices of the 90's Bollywood actors to its characters. I enjoy it more bcoz I can associate it with the actors known to me whose movies I have seen, but for my son its not the case because he hasn't seen any of their movies. Those actors are not seen in any recent movies. So it's Huddy mera buddy for him not Nana Patekar, Oggy not Shahrukh, Bob not Shakti Kapoor (Thakki Tikki), Jack and not Sunny Deol .The list is never ending. You can add to this list.