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Sony TV's Karn serial - Creative Visualisation!

Tonight (7th Aug'2016) Sony TV's Karn serial will have it's last episode. However I really appreciate the creative team of Swastik production. 

I can give many examples where its creativity was very innovative and amazing and on it's peak. One example in recent episode when Shrikrishna ends his avatar on earth, Draupadi at night in her palace gets some sinister omen. She yet being unknown about Kriahna's avatar-end, senses that something wrong is happening with her friend Krishna. 

She witnesses from palace window a huge peacock feather in radium green light glowing brightly and going up in the sky and then vanishing slowly in the form of small dots in the sky. 

What a creative visualisation! Really, one gets tear in eyes (like Draupadi and Arjuna-at-Dwaraka) by seeing that going upwards into the dark night sky. 

I hope more such mythological serials should be produced in future by Swastik Production and its great creative team. They also had created Mahabharata on Star Plus 2 years back. 

Surely with Karn, they have become master storytellers on tv for the Mahabharata Epic.