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Sir, I am calling from Bank

Today in the middle of work, i got a call from unknown number and a girl was speaking, "Sir, i am speaking from icici bank. Can i take your two minutes?"
I thought it may be regarding some recent activity i did in icici online and hence i said yes and told her to be as quick as possible!
She continued, "Sir, do you use HDFC bank credit card?" ...

Surprised and annoyed me, cut the phone without speaking anything further. This is a height of annoying and nonsense advertisement calls i have ever seen!

After some days -

Today she called me again and said, "Sir, I am calling from hdfc!" Before she could speak further, i said to her, "ok then! If you are calling from hdfc, i am also calling from icici. Now tell me what do you want? Credit card, debit card, hdfc-icici merger, home loan, car loan, a job in icici bank, a friendship request from me?" Silence at the other end and phone line cut!
(This event is purely imaginary. If it happens to you consider it a coincidence!)