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Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur

What if 65 million years ago meteors did not destroy dinosaurs keeping alive their race? 
Mankind and dinosaur-kind (!) coexisted? 
Yes, it happens in this children's cartoon 3D movie- The Good Dinosaur. 
Even going one step ahead, dinosaurs evolve more than humans. 
Dinosaurs can communicate with each other but still humans can't. 
Humans are still nomadic while dinosaurs have started doing farming. 

And one day, a dino-kid (Arlo) and a human-baby meet coincidentally. 
Both estranged from their family. And going through an adventurous ride (and dino-kid learning to overcome his fears at the cost of his daddy), they meet their families again. Well, the human baby meets another human family in the end because he had already lost his parents. It's enjoyable in parts with only few comedy scenes and only few remarkable 3D visuals. 

It's not an exceptional movies like earlier disney pixar ones, but an average enjoyable movie of 1:45 hrs. It's visuals will not disappoint you but the story (?), the dialogues and lack of convince-able characters and their behaviours at times will surely disappoint you. But, yes couple of emotional scenes are good. Especially in the climax when Arlo "meets" (?) his daddy!