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Movie Review: Batman Vs Superman

It has not only the action but a well developed story also. But please don't expect this as an usual superhero movie. There was more scope for clashes between the two superheroes but in this movie it gives us less of both of them individually and together also.

Despite bringing two superheroes together, the story and treatment of the movie in first half is more like a usual real life story without much fantasy element of superhero which everyone eagerly awaits to start.

Even there was a big scope for superman's action in the South Africa terror camp event but why they gave it a purposely miss i didn't understand. Till the mega fight between the two happens, you almost forget that there is any superhero in the movie despite there are two. But when both of them fight for the only one time, it frightens and scares us. The treatment of whole movie is dark and a bit horrific. Dark and dark everywhere! All major and important scenes are either in dark or in night. It takes too long time for the much awaited climax to come! Many kids and children may not like the way movie is treated:very serious!

But, despite all this when the movie ends, your opinion will change and you will say that the movie is good.
Those who haven't seen any previous instalment of either of the two superhero movies separately, will be disappointed. But, overall this is still a good movie. 

A dark movie.
Dark atmosphere.
Dark characters.

And yes in climax, it suddenly taes a surprise Bollywood touch when it comes to one saving another's "maa" (mother). Climax looks much similar to the one in "The amazing spiderman part1" after doomsday enters!

Also these two superheroes of DC comics fight with the help of wonder woman against the doomsday who looks much like the hulk of the Marvel comics.

The wonder woman comes in her actual getup only for very very short time. She looks wonderful but wonderfully disappoints also by her very short appearance.

Dialogues of the movie are however good.

Batman definitely looks very confident than superman throughout the movie.

And one more thing: It has a "disappointing" surprise element at the very end which if i reveal, will play as a plot spoiler or suspense revealing. So i will keep mum or both superheroes will run after me and beat me instead of fighting between themselves!

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