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Poetry- 4 liners

(1) Past of Ghost

Every Midnight in broken castle
Lost in revengeful dreams' tussle!
Been dead due to imposed death 
He takes revengeful cursed breath!

(2) Society and equality

Incessant unemployment despite loyalty
Gradually turned him to criminality!
The intolerant inequality of society
Finally killed his supreme sanity!

(3) Sane and insane

"Shove away with stone pelting this maddening insane
Shattered is the insane's sense", public said!
"In the world filled of these stone pelting insanes
Sanes like me have no place", the insane said!

(4) Beauty and blindness

They say beauty lies in the eyes of beholders
and love in the world is rather blind!
I say what lies in the eyes of the lovers
Who fall in love with beauty of all kind!

(5) Mind - like this, like that!

Minds can be source of creativity
when being filled with positivity!
Minds can be source of destructibility
when being filled with negativity!

(6) Eternal love?

At midnight "she" came, sat on grave
With her strong desire for "him"!
At midnight "he" also came, sat on grave
Sacrificing his own life for "her"!

(7) Dark of humanity

Sun froze, Moon darkened
When humans and humanity parted!
Stars lost, sky finished
When love and heart departed!

(8) Nowadays...

Nowadays, humanity is captivated by devil
While searching for human!
Nowadays, thought is captivated by terror
While searching for expression!

(9) Rain and we

Rain and she
Umbrella and me!
Attraction and love
Kiss and rainbow!