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Reading and Understanding Bhagvadgeeta

This is my honest attempt to interpret part of Bhagvadgeeta and related facts in my own words.

* The one who gets an advisor and a friend like Shrikrishna is very much fortunate person in the world. Arjun and Draupadi got lucky so far. Whoever in today's world wants Shrikrishna as a friend can not get Him always in person but as Krishna has transformed himself into Bhagvadgeeta book, He is there with you as an advisor and a friend to guide you in the form of Bhagvadgeeta. So are you planning to have Shrikrishna in your permanent friend list?

* The preachings of Bhagwan Shrikrishna in Bhagvadgeeta is the summary of all the knowledge in 4 vedas and hence it is the exceptionless truth. Like all vedas are everlasting, Shrikrishna's philosophy in Geeta is also everlasting. The three yogas with which man can achieve what's suggested in geeta are - Karmyog, Dnyanyog and Bhaktiyog. Krishna says that the person who has false ego considers himself as the whole and sole controller of own actions, which is not true. 

* Imitation and following are two different things. You can not and should not "imitate" Shrikrishna's life. However you should "follow" his philosophy and preachings mentioned in Bhagvadgeeta.

* Like any human being changes his clothes, the soul also relinquishes his old and useless body (after death) and takes some new body. This soul neither can be chopped by any weapon nor can be brunt by fire; neither can be made wet using water nor can be dried by air. The soul can't be destroyed. It's occupancy is everywhere. 

* The one who doesn't get disturbed by all sorrows and doesn't get overjoyed by all the happiness; the one whose mind has been detached from all fear and anger is called stable minded sage (Sthir Mann Muni), doesn't matter if he achieves this by remaining in his regular family and work life. Such person offers all his karmas to Shrikrishna (Vishnu) without expecting anything in return. 

* Shrikrishna said that he has narrated the Bhagvadgeeta many times prior to Arjun. He told it to Suryadev Vivaswan who further transferred it to Manu (origin of humankind) and Manu to Ishvaku (Ancestor of Raghukul in which Shriram was born). Further he said, "Oh Arjun, there were many births (lives) of you and me earlier. However only i can remember them but not you. I am above Bramha and Shiv. Both of them worship me. Both of them and other Dev Devtas are created by me for managing the physical world."

* Shrikrishna says in Adhyay 2 Shlok 57 that, "In this material world, the one who neither gets affected by good or bad happenings in the world nor praises or critisises those events, can be considered to have attained complete knwoledge (Poorna-Dnyana). In Shlok 64 further Lord Shrikrishna says, "Only that person can get blessings of Krishna who has freed himself from any attachment and detachment and knows to control the physical senses!" 

* Bramhasanhita and Shrimadbagwat also support what Geeta says. Bramhasanhita says that Lord Shrikrishna is the reason behind all reasons. As we are ignorant of Bramhavidya, we consider ourselves a separate entity and not part of Lord Krishna. Shrimadbhagwat says that Mukti (Moksha) is a state of being fixed in our originl form (part of Krishna) by offering complete self to Krishna. Dharma Marg is explained and shown by Lord Krishna himself hence we shouldn't apply our logic and reasoning to it.

* "Oh Arjun: Like the fire engulfs wood sticks in it's flames and destroys them, the fire of Geeta's divine knowledge engulfs the material world's Karma Fala ties (good and bad) and destroys it. It frees you from all karma fala and takes you to divine path of paramatma!", Shrikrishna said in shlok 37 Adhyay 4 of Bhagvadgeeta. 

* Adhyay 4, shlok 40: "Those who are sceptical and suspenseful towards validated knowledge mentioned in holy epic Bhagvadgeeta, never get Krishna's blessings and they get perished." || Sanshayatma Vinashyati || (Sceptical souls get extincted).

* Hereby I am stopping this series on Bhagvadgeeta. I could only write very small part of it. Covering it fully by a common man like me is like trying to collect and confine whole air in the world in a small jar. However i will keep on reading it further. I feel that everyone should read, understand and follow it in all stages of life. It's the greatness of it which attracted eminent personalities like Lokmanya Tilak, Sant Dnyaneshwar towards it's great philosophy. The purpose of running this 9 part series by me was to make all my friends aware of the great epic. If not all but even at least one friend of mine gets encouraged to read it, my purpose of writing this series is achieved. Jay Shrikrishna!