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Capsule for success

For Success in all areas of life, practising below listed 50 things are important. Let us call it as "fifty factors" of success. However, all these below factors are feasible and attainable only when we take care of our "health" and respect "time", considering our mortality! Imagine a capsule of two half cylindrical shapes connected together representing health and time, inside which there are 50 granules which will help you attain success in life. Below list is alphabetically arranged:

  1. -Acceptance of difficulties and challenges
  2. -Acceptance of life as precious gift from God
  3. -Acceptance of our own shortcomings
  4. -Acceptance of things which we can't change 
  5. -Ambition
  6. -Belief in God, nature and supreme power of universe.
  7. -Belief in self
  8. -Choosing wise thoughts from good books and good poeple
  9. -Clear communication
  10. -Clear thinking
  11. -Clear Vision
  12. -Commitments
  13. -Concentration
  14. -Confidence
  15. -Creative thinking 
  16. -Decision making
  17. -Defining Priority
  18. -Extracting best even from worst situation 
  19. -Focus
  20. -Good Habits
  21. -Grabbing right opportunity 
  22. -Hard work
  23. -Having Passion
  24. -Healthy relationships
  25. -Inspiration 
  26. -Knowledge
  27. -Learning from others' mistakes 
  28. -Learning from own mistakes
  29. -Meditation at the end of day 
  30. -Never letting hope die
  31. -Overcoming Anger in ourselves
  32. -Overcoming fear factor in ourselves
  33. -Overcoming the difficulties and challenges
  34. -Overcoming the shortcomings in ourselves
  35. -Perseverance
  36. -Planning at the start of everyday
  37. -Positive Attitude
  38. -Selective Honesty
  39. -Self respect 
  40. -Sense of responsibility
  41. -Sense of gratitude
  42. -Sense of humour 
  43. -Sense of purpose
  44. -Setting Goal
  45. -Strong Memory development
  46. -Taking and giving help 
  47. -Thoughts Control and deleting garbage thoughts.
  48. -Travelling to places
  49. -Willpower
  50. -Word Action Alignment