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Bajirao awareness

When I asked some of my non-Maharashtrain friends referring to upcoming Bajirao Mastani movie, whether they know who Bajirao was, I got surprising answers. 
They were not aware of the historical Bajirao. However, due to Ajay Devgan's name in Hindi remake of Singham was Bajirao Singham, they know Bajirao Singham only but having some funny image of the name in their minds. Its not their mistake. I personally feel that names of historical eminent personalities shouldn't be used as name of characters in masala hindi movies. Its just my opinion. 
Anyway, now they will know who Bajirao was when they will watch the movie. Thanks to Sanjay Leela Bhansali who attempted to make a movie on great maratha warrier. Let us wait for 18th December for its release. 
I heard that the war sequences in the movie are at par hollywood. Can we expect bahubali-like war sequnces in Bajirao-mastani also? Also, let us hope that Sanjay Bhansali gives good justice to the actual story. All the songs and music of the movie are very good and have a Bhansali-touch. 
Definitely it will be a big hit. Touch wood!